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Learn how to control your thoughts; to choose what and when you think, and unlock your ability to see beyond your perceived limitations, to create whatever experiences, situations, and outcomes you want


Find your limiting beliefs and retrain your subconscious mind

› Disintegrate your fears, doubts and insecurities with ease

› Discover how your unexamined thoughts can silently control you

› Move from unmotivated Victimhood to consistent Mastery

› Choose what and when you think, which determines how you experience yourself, situations, people, and every aspect of reality 




Understand the latest research on emotional intelligence for men, women, and couples, to learn how to harness your feelings with clarity and skill, to radically improve your relationships and your life.

 Increase your capacity to handle high intensity feelings and maintain control

Alchemize trauma, resentment, and unexpressed anger into Love

Overcome shame around expressing the full range of your emotions

Learn easy to follow methods for supporting yourself and your partner through challenges




Learn the modern day application of ancient sexuaI and vibrational techniques to reestablish or create and maintain healthy passionate relationships with ease.

Implement practical tools into your everyday interactions and experience an immediate shift in how you relate to others in and out of the bedroom 

Overcome blockages to freedom of expression and unlock your erotic essence as a felt sense, not an intellectual heady process

Feel the immense pleasure and passion that unlimited 0rgasmic potential brings to you and your lover(s)

Let go of the old script and start adventuring into alternative ways of connecting romantically that will leave you and your partner(s) feeling nurtured, loved, and  deeply satisfied




Penetrating life with your love, passion, and full self expression will create the most important relationship you will ever have....with yourself.

Explore who you are beyond your perceived limitations through real life scenarios intelligently designed to push your edge and help you grow beyond your fears and limitations in social and romantic explorations

Cultivate heart centered friendships based around a culture of poly sensuality, touch positive intimacy, and authentic relating

Socialize with an embodied sense of confidence that allows you to truly be yourself. The old paradigm of "fake it till you make it" is a plastic facade at best, that separates you from knowing your true self and creating deep meaningful bonds

Learn to both attract to you everything you could ever desire through understanding frequency, pulse waves, and magnetism and embody the courage you need to push past old ways of expressing yourself in social situations, business, family, & romance.

Lion channeled the key below as a groundbreaking new tool, that can be utilized to audit, adjust, and express the fullness of who you are. Whether you are aware of it or not, each of these Archetypes play a significant role in your life. Seemingly polarized opposites across from one another, actually compliment and harmonize the expression of each. If any of these elements are left unexamined, they either over or under express and unknowingly control your life from the shadows. Learn how each of these elements are playing out and affecting your life and consciously choose your own unique amalgamation of them, to reveal the fully integrated range of your self expression.




The pathway to the full expression of your Masculine Power comes through Rites of Passage. Be the Man you can be proud of. Learn the fundamental tools & skills to unleash your full potential into the world & manifest the kinds of relationships & experiences you desire.


To call in your Soul Mate, your Twin Flame & you must remove the blockages you have to experiencing your beauty & what life has to offer you. Integrate a unique balance of your feminine juiciness & masculine power within to manifest the depth of connection you deserve.


You both deserve passionate harmonious connection. Hurt & resentment can coat the heart making it hard to feel the LOVE that is at the core of your connection. It's time to learn new ways of relating that will Rekindle Romance & take your relationship to new passionate heights of Love & Harmony.


Embody confidence & know the power of your gifts by removing the blockages to your full self expression. It's time to overcome your limited perception of self & start making a difference in the lives of your clients, stop playing small, & be rewarded with abundance by helping others.




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