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Channel • Philosopher • Mystic • Artist • Teacher

Meet the man that could change your life forever.

Lion has been a Holistic Lifestyle and Embodiment Coach for over 22 years, transforming the lives of thousands through global workshops, retreats, webinars, 1 on 1, group, and couples coaching. 


Growing up in the “Personal Development Mecca of the world”, Northern California, he has been immersed in personal development since his early teen years, and has since dedicated his life to supporting the expansion of consciousness and liberation of humanity, from the limitations of the mind, by deepening his student’s relationship with Authenticity, Embodiment, Emotional Intelligence, and Mental Mastery.

Lion is a humble servant brought here to serve mankind evolution through extraordinary capabilities. 


Epiphanies about the nature of self, life, love and all aspects of reality within and outside of one’s self, happen regularly, along with very clear signs, signals, and synchronicities from the Universe (aka Creator). 


Because of his Claircognizant capabilities, he is blessed with words of wisdom regarding the natural order of reality and has the innate  capacity to see situations from an eagle eye view, with deep insights into the path that one might take in order to heal and align with their passion, purpose, and sense of true self.


Knowledge, that has no known origin, flows freely through his words without premeditation or thought. His wisdom originates from his spirit guides. His deceased mother channels information about love and relationships, while his late grandfather channels wisdom in the form of logic and deductive reasoning. Cleaning his pineal gland from heavy metals and fluoride proved to unlock this gift more than any other practice. 


He has an extremely developed Clairsentient capacity, that allows him to palpably feel the energies of people, places, objects, and situations. Although these gifts were his birthright, he spent 3 months in constant meditation and a 17 day dry fast (no food nor water) purified his physical form to unlock his capacity to tune into the feather like sensations of the energy field we exist within. He feels waves of energy that are physically visible in his skin and rising hair follicles that communicate a deeper level of vibrational frequency beyond the 3D realm. He guides others into a greater sensitivity to the infinite frequencies pervasive within the field beyond their previously held limited capacity.


He does not have the powers of clairaudience (hearing voices) nor clairvoyance (seeing images). His endless well of knowledge and mastery of vibrational frequency is a wordless and imageless experience. 


Anyone can develop these skills through purification of the energy body (emotional fluidity), physical body (toxin free), and the mind (pure thoughts and intention). 

Words have their place. But meeting him will prove to inform you better than any detailed description ever could. Make an appointment today to experience the magic yourself.

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